Island Chronicles

A day in the life

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Malta’s leading hospitality group, we were tasked with developing the branding and communications that would support the year’s activities. The idea of a book came out of various creative meetings – and a simple truth. Hotels never sleep. With a way to tell the story of the groups’ 25 years of growth through the 24 hours of the day (plus a magic, 25th hour) we commissioned a writer in residence to live and breathe the Island experience. This writer lived in the Island Hotels Group properties for two weeks, spoke to as many people as possible and simply observed. Island Chronicles is an honest description of a rare opportunity – the chance to see behind the scenes. A whole world of careful planning and complex operations are hidden from view. At every moment of every day staff are working, looking after guests and interacting with their colleagues. They carry the spirit of the company in everything that they do – as practiced by the whole team, as encouraged through training and as shared between themselves.








The team at Mangion & Lightfoot, working with our marketing department, really stepped up to the challenge for the 25th Anniversary. Not only did they deliver a beautifully crafted book, but in doing so managed to capture the essence of the group in a story that has enabled staff, guests and colleagues to understand who we are, what we do and more importantly, why we do it.

Winston J Zahra

Chief Executive Officer, Island Hotels Group Holdings plc

The book was printed by Butler, Tanner & Dennis in Frome, UK
Photography by George Scintilla
Words by Emma Lightfoot
Illustrations by Marisa Attard